10 Ways to Spice Up Life the Way Prince Did

10 Ways to Spice Up Life the Way Prince Did

by Jennifer Xue

Pioneering musician Prince Rogers Nelsons died at Paisley Park Studios in the suburb of Minneapolis. He was known for his iconic look, selling more than 100 million record copies, and contribution to rock, pop, soul, and funk music. He was 57. He was a born rock star.

Prince was also known by his many names: Skipper, Jamie Starr, The Starr Company, Joey Coco, Paisley Park, Alexander Nevermind, Christopher, Prince, The Purple One, Love Symbol, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, TAFKAP, The Artist, Prince, and The Artist Formerly Known as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.” He won 7 Grammy awards and an Oscar for best original song score for “Purple Rain,” a 1984 movie.

He was a music genius and one of the most original artists throughout history. Despite his sudden death, which was allegedly due to a bad case of flu (unconfirmed at the moment), we can learn many things from his glamorous and productive life. Here are ten of them.

One, nothing can limit you.
Prince was born epileptic and used to have seizures when he was young. He was teased a lot at school, so he compensated by being flashy and noisy. He knew that he had some physical limitation, but it didn’t stop him to be who he was.

Two, know where you’re heading in life.
He was known for his singular focus in music. Music was in his blood, bone, and bone marrow. In thoughts and feelings. He inhaled and exhaled music.

Three, be flamboyant and truly unique.
His concerts and live performances were over the top. His costumes were flamboyant and unexpected. To him, music must be organic that flew directly from the heart. Nothing could limit his imagination.

Four, take good care of your figure and complexion.
Prince was always in good shape and perfect complexion. He always looked so polished, stylish, and ready to perform. The world was his stage, no doubt about it.

Five, be true to your inner calling.
His was music. He let music created the rhythm in his life. He mixed rock, pop, soul, and funk genres and made it his own. His works inspired so many artists over generations and will continue to do so.

Six, appreciate your supporters.
Prince appreciated his supporters and was inspired by them. He said that his fans were so sophisticated that they expected him to do the unexpected. It was his job to keep challenging himself. His fans were everything to him.

Seven, deliver your best work, every single time.
He was unexpectedly and surprisingly better than most artists. Even big names like Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Madonna admired him so much. He worked really hard in this passion of his and delivered one album per year in the 1980s to 1990. He won 7 Grammies and 1 Oscar. He sold more than 100 million record copies worldwide.

Eight, have a good sense of humor.
Prince mixed both humor and charisma with mystery. His performances projected subtle humor wrapped in sparkly costumes. And his facial expressions were oftentimes so comical, just like Charlie Chaplin. But with a completely different fashion sense.

Nine, be a beautiful mystery and communicate it clearly.
Nothing subtle about the mysteriousness of Prince. He changed his name so many times, he looked so cold yet so fearless, and he provoked so many feelings when we were looking at him. His style was androgynous and it was intriguing to guess his sexual orientation.

Ten, transcend and celebrate unity.
Prince believed in transcending and unity. He didn’t like categories, genres. He wanted his music to be just the outpouring of his heart. No genres nor categories could limit him, despite his superb skills that he could play every genre equally well.

He often played other people’s music without any reservation. He was just making music, it was what’s important.

At last, music is a unifying factor of humankind. He understood this so well and used it to showcase important causes. He wrote a song about AIDS before anybody did, he wrote the word “slave” on his face, and he sang songs about the importance of diversity and unity.

Now, it’s our responsibility to live his legacy. There will never be another Prince, the prince of music among men. Thank you for being you. Sleep well, my sweet prince.

Jennifer Xue is the founder and chief editor of SiliconValleyGlobe.com.

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