5 simple things you can do that actually make your eyelashes look longer

5 simple things you can do that actually make your eyelashes look longer
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Your eyes are the first thing people notice about your face. And to make them pop, you need luscious eyelashes. Try these five simple tips for the longest eyelashes you’ve ever had:

1. Start by tightlining

This is a technique where you use eyeliner to make your eyelashes look thicker. Instead of applying eyeliner above your eyelashes, use liquid eyeliner in between your eyelashes and along the waterline of the edge of your eyelid. This makes your lashes look much more lush and thick from the roots.

2. Get the right mascara

Your lashes look best when they’re the same color as your eyebrows. If you match the color correctly, you will look much more natural. Once you’ve found your perfect shade, be careful with your mascara — don’t let it dry out. If you do, it will get stiff and clumpy and your eyelashes will look goopy.

But if your mascara does dry out, there are a few ways you can make it easier to apply: Try soaking your tube of mascara in hot water to melt the mascara to be liquid again. Or you can add a few drops of saline/contact lens solution to your mascara to soften it.

3. Apply your mascara correctly

Apply mascara to both the top and bottom of your lashes. A lot of people forget about putting it on the top of their lashes, which is especially important for people who have really light-colored or blonde eyelashes. When you apply your mascara, start at the roots and wiggle your wand from side to side as you slowly move out toward the tips. This will give you more volume. If you still need more volume, you can use baby powder or a primer mascara in between coats to make your lashes thicker.

4. Use an eyelash curler

You can make your eyelash curler hot by using a hair dryer. The hot metal will curl your eyelashes better, the same way that a curling iron does for your hair. If you will be using an eyelash curler, you’ll also want to use waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is stickier, so once it dries in your curler, it will hold its shape better.

5. Be healthy

Wash off all your makeup every night. Letting mascara sit on your eyelashes all night can cause eye infections, and will dry out your lashes. And a healthy diet will cause all your hair — including your eyelashes — to be thicker.

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