5 Things that a Sugar Baby Is and 5 Things that She Isn’t. Don’t Confuse Them.

5 Things that a Sugar Baby Is and 5 Things that She Isn’t. Don’t Confuse Them.

by Jennifer Xue

Being a sugar baby is a controversial decision. And many people aren’t aware of the myths and misconceptions surrounding this status. Is it a job? Is it a variation of “the oldest profession on earth”? Or, is it simply an innocent way for young women to meet older men who are willing to share wisdom and meaningful career connections with them?

There are many definitions of what a “sugar baby” is and no definition is better or more accurate than the others. Either you agree with being a sugar baby or not, most likely you have a preconceived notion on it. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’d need to also see the bigger picture and be aware of the spectrum of “sugar baby” definitions.

Now let’s discuss what a sugar baby is and isn’t, what kind of relationship does a “sugar baby” and a “sugar daddy” have, and how they are different from other types of more traditional relationships.

First, a “sugar baby” is a woman who is younger or less experienced in life and career than the “sugar daddy,” which is the older man who agrees to be accompanied by her in return of financial and/or networking benefits. This relationship may or may not include sexual acts. Instead, it’s more of an “ego booster” relationship for both parties.

In short, a sugar relationship is an “ego booster” relationship, rather than the more traditional sexual relationship.

Second, despite the sugar baby’s lower financial and social statuses than the sugar daddy’s, they are in a mutually beneficial symbiotic equal relationship. The daddy brings forth his life and business experiences, money, and prestige, the sugar brings her friendliness and charm of a younger woman who looks up to him into the table. Both enjoy a win-win relationship.

In short, a sugar relationship isn’t about a “strong man” taking advantage of a “weak woman.” Instead, it’s a win-win.

Third, a sugar relationship is about “buying” sex with money. No, it’s not that simple. Sex may or may not be involved in a sugar relationship, because the “sugar daddy” may not be functional sexually or isn’t looking for a sexual relationship only. When a man hires a prostitute, for instance, it’s most likely that he’ll have sex with her due to his sexual urges. In that case, the man is most likely completely functional sexually.

In a sugar relationship, the man may only need to enjoy the companionship and the admiration of a young female as a way to “boost” his male ego. It may or may not be all about sex.

Fourth, a sugar relationship is much more complex and layered than other kinds of relationship. It involves friendship, admiration, mentoring, networking, financial gain, ego boost, inspiration, and others. Sex may be involved when trust and comfortability between parties have grown.

Thus, a sugar relationship comes in a spectrum of color and sometimes those colors are mixed together creating a new hue that no other relationship would have.

Fifth, a sugar relationship is less traditional than other types of relationship. And its final “form” is still evolving and no two sugar relationships are identical. Every man and every women involved bring their own unique expectations and performances.

In conclusion, a sugar relationship is likely here to stay, as long as you can define, describe, and adhere to good faith and sincere expectations and performances as responsible and law-abiding adults.

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