5 Tips for a Press Release That Gets Published. (Almost) Guaranteed.

5 Tips for a Press Release That Gets Published. (Almost) Guaranteed.

Any owner would love to have their business mentioned in the media. This is why many business owners —big and small— hire Public Relations firms (PR firms) or have their own in-house PR division. Getting your name out there would save a lot of money spent in advertising and build reputation as a respectable and newsworthy business.

The thing is, not every press release is taken seriously by the media or journalist you’re aiming for. Sometimes, they are flooded by too many press releases.

So, what should you do to increase the chance of being covered? Make the journalist’s life easier. Do their job for them.

Here are 5 tips to get a press coverage that is (almost) guaranteed.

1. Aim for the specific publication that would fit your business and product like a glove. For instance, if your product is a children’s water bottle that doesn’t spill, you’ve better aim a children’s or a parenting magazine.

Don’t aim at news or fashion magazine. You want a specific publication with target audience similar, if not identical, with your product’s target market.

2. Find a journalist of that particular publication whose articles ring the most with your business or product. Do your research, read tons of stuff to find this special gem.

For instance, when you’ve found an article about kids’ marathon run festivals, find out who wrote it. Find his or her email address and hang on to it.

3. Write an article that would be perfect for the specific journalist you’re aiming. Write it in a tone that’s informative or entertaining and doesn’t sound like selling a product at all.

The business or product name you want to expose should be included in the article naturally, as if it’s a part of the story. For instance, you can write an article on kids’ marathon run festivals from the viewpoint of the runners’ parents. Write it in the same tone as your favorite journalist’s.

4. Email the article to the specific journalist and include “Special to XYZ Magazine” under “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.” Include a note to the journalist that this article is available to be published under his or her byline.

5. Use this formatting template.

Publicity Contact:
Your name
Your address
Your email/Web site
Your phone number



(Your City, Month, Day, Year) — TITLE OF THE ARTICLE

Body of article (word count depends on the journalist’ previous articles’).


Note to Journalist:
This article was written for your use under your byline, if satisfactory. Thank you.

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