5 TV opening credits you just can’t skip

5 TV opening credits you just can’t skip
Amanda Taylor, KSL.com

TVLAND — Some TV intros are things you dread and can’t wait to skip (Full House, anyone?). They’re silly and long and annoying. But others — the good ones — even end up on your drive-to-work playlists.

Spare me your silly lyrics with songs about the backstory of the characters. Keep your cheesy “starring this smiling-at-the-camera cast” nonsense to yourself. I want something that immediately puts me in the mood of the show. I want amazing songs that stay in my head long after the episode has ended. I want immersive visuals.

Without further ado, the opening credits sequences you should never skip:

Parks and Recreation

The jaunty little tune — featuring the cast and the beautiful scenery of historic Pawnee, Indiana — is the kind of thing that gets stuck in your head in the best kind of way.

Composer: Gaby Moreno

Twin Peaks

Easily the longest on the list, yet possibly the most delightful. The slow pan around the sights of Twin Peaks, with the neon writing, puts you right in the mood for some pie and coffee at the RR Diner.

Composer: Angelo Badalamenti

Teen Wolf

The dark and mysterious supernatural show has the most perfect intro — seductive shots of its “teen” cast cut in with monsters and broken glass. Ooooh. Spooky.

Composer: Dino Meneghin

Game of Thrones

Whatever your opinions about the show itself may be, “Game of Thrones” has one of the most intricately detailed opening sequences of all time. The moving, animated map of Westeros gives plot details in the most subtle way possible — and it’s impossible to skip.

Composer: Ramin Djawadi

Friday Night Lights

The yellow filters over the hot, sunny Texas landscape. The images of the beloved Taylors and their clear eyes, full hearts (can’t lose!). Cue the tears.

Composer: Explosions in the Sky

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