6 ways to optimize your bedroom for better sleep

6 ways to optimize your bedroom for better sleep

by Janis Walker

Do you spend so many sleepless nights tossing and turning around in your bed? Do you feel fagged and stressed the day after? If yes, it is high time that you make your bed in a way that you will have a good night sleep.

Many factors may hinder you in getting a good sleep, and this includes external cues such as your bedroom environment. For example, a lumpy mattress, smelly sheets, and dusty surroundings are the primary culprits in keeping you up all night.

Therefore, it is crucial that you make your room the most pleasant and comfortable environment that helps you get the much-needed sleep. Give yourself a good night sleep by following some of these tips in making your room a welcoming place for sleeping.

For Starters, Choose A Good Mattress

Getting your needed sleep may be as simple as getting a new mattress. When your old mattress is just too lumpy, soft, or hard for you, it is advisable that you ditch the old and get a new one.

There are many different types of mattresses in the market nowadays, such as innerspring, foam, latex, waterbeds, and airbeds, for various kinds of sleepers. Thus, you need to have an extensive research before shopping because buying a mattress is an important and expensive purchase.

It is essential to figure out beforehand the size of the mattress you need. If you find the right one in the store, make sure that it has 30 days or more warranty, and if yes, then you can take advantage of it. Also, you can try the mattresses sold in different stores by lying down on it like you would at home.

Go for a Comfortable Bedding

For you to get that much-needed rest at night, you need to buy silky, natural fiber sheets with a soothing color. For the mattress cover, you need a sunshine silk duvet. Of course, comfy pillows, and more of it. You must also keep in mind that all these bed essentials are hypoallergenic to prevent allergy attacks in the middle of the night.

Turn Off the Night Lights

Perhaps, you have heard about circadian rhythm? If not, well, the circadian rhythm refers to our internal 24-hour cycle of physiological, biochemical, and behavioral processes. And one of the external factors that help synchronize or alter this rhythm is light. Thus, you need to consider the effects of light in getting a sound sleep.

According to a study, light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a body hormone that promotes sleep. Even if you are dozing off already, your eyelids can still detect light, and this can prevent your brain from producing the much-needed amount of melatonin.

Our modern lifestyles affect our sleep cycle significantly because before bed we use to watch TV and play with our smartphones. The lights in our bedroom are also to blame for our staying up all night. Therefore, you need to set aside your gadgets and keep your room as dark as possible to get a better sleep.

Keep the Right Temperature for Your Bedroom

According to Ralph Downey III, a room temperature can affect your desired sleep. The reason lies in the fact that when you go to bed, your set point for body temperature goes down. Hence, if the room temperature is too warm or too cold, your body struggles to achieve this set point.

One of the most straightforward solutions to this problem is, of course, altering your thermostat to your desired level. Other options you can try to make your bedroom conducive to sleep is a portable heater, ceiling fan, or heavy blinds to prevent outside weather conditions from entering your night sanctuary.

Avoid Too Much Clutter

One of the things to blame for your sleep deprivation is the clutter in your bedroom. Not only that it’s a big no-no in feng-shui, but scientific research has the basis to back it up. Too much clutter in sight in your bedroom can cause anxiety and uneasiness when you go to sleep.

Therefore, it is advisable that you make your room before sleeping as neat and clean as possible. You can get a storage that will minimize the clutter in your bedroom to have that much-needed sleep.

Keep Your Bedroom Quiet

As we sleep, our brain processes background noises. From your television to cars passing by outside to nearby snorers, many unwanted sounds hinders you from sleeping or wake you up in the middle of the night.

Now, if this is your problem, earplugs or a white noise machine could help. It is because white noise or any other soothing sounds can blur unwanted noises and help you sleep easier.


Sleep is what our body needs to make us healthy, do tasks efficiently, and minimize psychological stress in our life. It’s just unfortunate that some people aren’t blessed when it comes to having a good night’s sleep. Hence, it is advisable that we find solutions to this problem, and one of these solutions is making your bedroom conducive for sleeping. For example, choosing a comfortable mattress and bedsheets, keeping your room dark, and maintaining the right room temperature some of the foolproof ways to make your bedroom for better sleep.

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Janis Walker is a blogger and health enthusiast. Most of the articles she had written cover topics such as home improvement and the health benefits of getting a good night sleep. She often visits reputable sites to get updated with the latest bedroom essentials for this purpose. Follow her @janishwalkerle2



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