9 apps to organize your reading

9 apps to organize your reading
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, KSL.com

Love to read, but don’t have the time? Or, do you have too much to read? Ever find that perfect blog post that speaks to you, but then can’t find it later? Well, there’s an app for that.

Read-it-later apps and extensions can help organize, save and share the articles you love most. They are available on your phone or desktop, both offline and online.

Here are some to consider:


Pocket is the most well-known and popular read-it-later service. It works across 1,500-plus apps and syncs with numerous platforms. Pocket organizes and tags your articles, videos, images and more to be accessed on or offline. It can be installed as an extension in your browser or as an app. Its premium version creates a permanent library with full-text searching.


Pinboard, described on its site as “social bookmarking for introverts,” bookmarks from any browser. It sync with Pocket, Instapaper and other services. If you pay extra, Pinboard will permanently archive your links and articles with full-text searching.


This is the first read-it-later app for the iPhone, but it also works on Android. Instapaper makes your saved articles look like a magazine that is easy to read on the app. It is also available as a Safari extension.


Share readings on your social media feed or send them to your Kindle with Readability. In addition, the service cleans up those readings and eliminates ads. It comes as an app or an add-on to your browser.

Feedly and Feedbin

If you regularly read RSS feeds for your news, blogs and other content, there are apps and add-ons to help organize them. Feedly creates a single place for those feeds and allows you to share that content with others and collaborate. Feedbin is similar to Feedly, but offers more robust search capabilities.


If you want to integrate all your read-it-later services into one place, consider ReadKit. It works with Readability, Instapaper, Feedly, Pocket and Pinboard to create a RSS feed in one place.

Evernote and Wunderlist

Apps like Evernote and Wunderlist are not only great for note-taking and time management, but for organizing your reading. If you are already using these apps to keep you on task, consider them for saving your articles to read later off or online.

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