A better business starts with a better you

A  better business starts with a better you

by Adam Kipnes

Here’s an old joke: Congratulations on your own business, now you only have to work half days. Which 12 do you want to work? Ouch! You didn’t see overwork, struggle, burnout, and scarcity. You want to be successful, help a lot of people, and enjoy your life.

So what makes this happen?

Let’s get started on this journey.

1. Clarify your Vision

To win in life, you have to know what you want. And it’s not money or stuff. The visioning process is critical. Your vision is the “big picture” of what you want. Dream big. Stretch. Envision perfection. Make it juicy and be magnetically pulled to your future.

Happiness and contentment come from the clarity of vision, knowing who you are, and what you can’t wait to become. With a big picture view, you can be sure that your thoughts are congruent with your ultimate desires. And write it down. This makes everything real.

 2. Understand Your Successes

In life, we dwell on what is or was, what others think and what we haven’t gotten done.

To understand yourself, do an honest assessment of what you have achieved. See your successes and acknowledge them. This is an opportunity to take an objective look at what you’ve done well, so you to do more of it.

Often, we focus on our lack leading to more lack. Celebrating achievements will drive you to more success and feel good is a key. Remember all you have accomplished. And smile.

3. Strategize Your Actions

Personal development is no different than business – you must have a strategy.

Now that you know where you want to go, you understand the successes in your life; it’s time to build a plan. The visioning process is vital to success and is the first step. Your expectations for a better you must be translated into concrete action steps. The consistent action builds momentum and produces results.

Once you’ve got your plan, you’d need to work the plan, schedule your plan. Then, remember to track your results and refine your plan. How are you doing? How are you feeling?

4. Tailor Your Expectations

Throughout this report, we used the term expectations. A lot. This was not by accident. Words are important, and this one is very much so.

The world is full of books on goal setting. Can these authors, teachers, and motivational people be wrong? Well, probably not – entirely. Setting goals is a good thing. Big, lofty, audacious, bodacious goals are a great thing. But for the things you need to accomplish, expectations are the key.

Have kids? Employees? Have a goal that your kids pass their classes? That your employees show up for work? No. You expect them to. Why do we put expectations on everyone around us to make sure they succeed? Or help us succeed? But we give ourselves goals. We need to expect more from ourselves.

Goals can very quickly become dreams. Expectations become results. It is true of those around us – and it will be true of you. 

5. Optimize Your Environment

If you have a supportive environment, you increase your ability to succeed. If your environment is full of energy drains, there will be unnecessary obstacles in your path.

Are you in good health, full of energy, or exhausted and run down? Is your physical space conducive to productivity, pleasant to be in, clean and clutter free, free of distractions, has everything you need, and, ideally, inspiring so you can think big and accomplish great things?

Be sure that the influences on your mind are those that are motivating, uplifting, and inspiring. What books are you reading? What movies do you watch? Television shows? Radio programs? Magazines?

With whom do you associate? Are your friends, family, partners supportive of you, or are they dream stealers? Studies show happiness is tied more closely with friendship than with financial success. Choose your companions wisely.

6. Master Your Mindset

This key may well be the most important and most overlooked component of success. What stops most is not getting out of their head. We all have limiting beliefs that keep us from reaching the pinnacle of success. Your thoughts generate feelings; feelings drive actions, and actions determine results. There is a direct connection between what is going on inside and your outcomes.

Your ability to create success hinges on your beliefs. It is worthwhile to take the time to examine your beliefs about yourself, others and the world. If your beliefs are disempowering, you’ll unconsciously find ways to sabotage your progress. Your beliefs must be in harmony with your desires. The good news is that you have total control over your beliefs. So, at any given moment, reach for the good stuff.

Now that you know these six keys use them every day. If you do what needs to be done, you will, in the fullness of time, achieve what you want. Stay focused on yourself –Every day.

About the Author

Adam KipnesAdam Kipnes has been working with small business owners and independent professionals for over 16 years as a coach, consultant, and partner.  With his clients at The 1495 Group, Adam has used his proprietary system to help clarify their business needs and desires.  Through his step by step process, he ensures his client meet their new expectations, identifies and overcome their weaknesses and uncovers the opportunities right in front of them.


Image Source: Adam Kipnes and Pixabay

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