SiliconValleyGlobe.com was founded with two primary missions, hence our motto: balancing technology with humanity.

First, technology must be balanced with humanity. None can survive without the other. We must be reminded from time to time that life is more than about looking down at our gadgets. It’s also about relationships, opportunities, families, and living a full life.

Second, located at the epicenter of high-tech companies and startups of the world, we attempt to embrace those based in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. The world is already globalized in a manner that geographical boundaries have been blurred. It’s time to become a “Silicon World” than merely “Silicon Valley.”



SiliconValleyGlobe.com was started in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded by Jennifer Xue, an alumna of California State University East Bay and University of California Berkeley Extension, now it’s a growing online publication supported by a team of writers based in the United States and other regions.

We believe that technology must be balanced with humanity. Thus, we publish articles that bridge these two.

We also believe in equal opportunity. Despite our location at the epicenter of high-tech startups, we also cover startups from other regions, such as Australia, Asia, and others.

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