Adapt, disrupt and collaborate: the formula to success for a social innovator

Adapt, disrupt and collaborate: the formula to success for a social innovator

by Federico Re

In this episode, Federico Re meets Claire Rogers, the CEO of World Vision, Australia.

During the 30 minute discussion on InspireTalkTV, Claire describes her senior leadership role at this global not-for-profit organization, and why she considers herself a ‘social innovator’.

She outlines the importance and relevance of collaboration, social media, technology, and education, as a means to solving global poverty issues.

Claire Rogers

Federico delves deep into a range of topics with Claire and explores:

1. What inspired her to join World Vision and her quest to focus on social innovation
2. How technology has changed the face of philanthropy over the past 20 years
3. Why business leaders need to adapt and disrupt, regardless of the industry
4. The importance of ‘collaboration’ and why this is the new currency of the 21st century
5. How culture, faith, and gender may be a cause a conflict in solving global issues
6. The importance of ‘education’ within impoverished countries, and the limit to how much education should be invested into these regions
7. The responsibility of the government, private enterprise, and individual citizens to combat global problems like poverty
8. The future landscape of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy, and the changes that will take place over the next 20 years

This discussion will be an inspiration to many social entrepreneurs and philanthropists around the world.

About the Author

Federico Re is an entrepreneurship coach, motivational speaker, journalist, and business writer based in Australia. In 1997, at the age of 22, he started a business with revenue growth of 50 per cent annually, achieving retail sales of more than $10 million per year. He attended the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’ in South Africa. He is the founder of the high definition Inspire Talk digital TV and radio show and a niche coaching practice Creative Entrepreneur based in Melbourne. His bespoke services are tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, SME business owners, and CEOs.


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