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SaaS project management software Celoxis helped building Camaro and other world-class brands

For 15 years, Celoxis has been delivering enterprise-class online project management tool to world-class companies like KPMG, LG, Rolex, Del Monte, JetBlue, VirginCare, Deloitte, Whirlpool, Tyco, Fuji Xerox, Lufthansa, The Cheesecake Factory, HBO, and Deloitte. These clients use Celoxis to manage projects, resources, collaboration, costs, client billing, project and portfolio risks, and business workflows.

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Jack Delosa disrupting business education with dreaming out loud

by Federico Re “Dream out Loud”, says Jack Delosa, founder of ‘The Entourage’, Australia’s fastest growing provider of business and entrepreneurship education in Sydney. I recently met Jack whilst attending his book launch for “Unwritten” in Melbourne. What struck me about this Aussie serial entrepreneur was his humble character and thirst to motivate and inspire the young entrepreneurial community in Australia. Jack’s mission is to help individuals achieve ‘success’, to ultimately develop their dream business or career path. Jack’s presentation began with the story about Martin Luther King‘s famous speech in 1963 (“I have a dream“), which resonated strongly in...

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SelfieMark app takes selfies to business level with polling and feedback

SelfieMark is an app that facilitates selfie-enabled personal, product and cross promotion polling. The image-centric sharing and polling platform provides a faster way for both individuals and brands to share, discover and pool feedback. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, users can easily promote, compare, vote and share visual content through side-by-side polling image presentation with just one tap. The app allows for instantaneous engagement and is shareable across social media platforms. “Selfies are the new normal and continue to change how consumers and brands communicate,” said Paula Stewart, CEO of SelfieMark. “SelfieMark provides users and brands an...

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5 Reasons why it’s so important to speak up

It is What It is by Lisa Sugarman More Content Now Have you ever been in a situation where the people around you were behaving so badly that your stomach acid started bubbling up and you felt like it might just eat through your abdomen? The kind of situation where you knew, in your gut, that you had to speak up and call someone out for their awful behavior. Well, that’s the situation Dave and I found ourselves in last weekend. Here’s how it went down. We went to our favorite local Japanese restaurant to grab a quick bite;...

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‘Spotlight’ and the spiritual aspects of reporting

by Suzette Martinez Standring More Content Now Few ever think of reporters in a spiritual light, but suddenly I do in terms of the David vs. Goliath battle to get to the bottom of things. It takes a driven sense of right to keep people and institutions accountable. The Oscar for Best Picture going to the movie, “Spotlight,” is a resounding validation to all those who make a career of holding people in power accountable. “Spotlight” focuses on The Boston Globe reporters who exposed sexual child abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests in Boston. Initially, the reporters wondered if the...

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A better business starts with a better you

by Adam Kipnes Here’s an old joke: Congratulations on your own business, now you only have to work half days. Which 12 do you want to work? Ouch! You didn’t see overwork, struggle, burnout, and scarcity. You want to be successful, help a lot of people, and enjoy your life. So what makes this happen? Let’s get started on this journey. 1. Clarify your Vision To win in life, you have to know what you want. And it’s not money or stuff. The visioning process is critical. Your vision is the “big picture” of what you want. Dream big....

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Dirty Little Secrets to Landing a Dream Job and Outsmarting Bad Employers

by Jennifer Xue, Chief Editor of The Dirty Little Secrets to Getting Your Dream Job: Everything You Need to Know to Land Your First Job and Find Career Success by Don Raskin (Regan Arts, April 2016, $22.95) is unlike other career books. Drawing on his personal experiences in evaluating applicants for his company, which is an advertising agency based in New York City, and mentoring new job seekers, he included real-life examples, situations, and samples. Combined with solid advice, this little book covers most, if not all, bases necessary to understand how to navigate today’s fluctuating job market....

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The perfect, one-day diet

With diet options ranging from low carb to low fat, from Paleo to vegetarian and from juicing to whole foods, it can be easy to get confused about what the best way to eat actually is. So what does the perfect day of eating look like?

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