Dirty Little Secrets to Landing a Dream Job and Outsmarting Bad Employers

Dirty Little Secrets to Landing a Dream Job and Outsmarting Bad Employers

by Jennifer Xue, Chief Editor of SiliconValleyGlobe.com

Book by Don RaskinThe Dirty Little Secrets to Getting Your Dream Job: Everything You Need to Know to Land Your First Job and Find Career Success by Don Raskin (Regan Arts, April 2016, $22.95) is unlike other career books. Drawing on his personal experiences in evaluating applicants for his company, which is an advertising agency based in New York City, and mentoring new job seekers, he included real-life examples, situations, and samples.

Combined with solid advice, this little book covers most, if not all, bases necessary to understand how to navigate today’s fluctuating job market. In Chapter 4, Raskin explained what you should do after getting a job offer. In Chapter 5, he described the five companies no job seekers should want to work for. These two chapters alone are worth the price of the book.

We had the opportunity to chat with Don and asked these three essential questions.

When jobs are scarce, what are the best ways for job searchers to find jobs that are matching with their skills and credentials?

The job market is cyclical. If you work long enough, you will see strong job markets, weak job markets and everything in between. The year 2008 was a particularly weak job market, and it was very difficult for entry-level college graduates to find employment.

Many took jobs they were overqualified for. But those who did wind up getting jobs in their field did so because they recognized that they would have to stand out from the competition and work hard to impress a prospective employer.

The best ways for job searchers to find jobs that match their skills and credentials is for job seekers to be highly qualified to take on those jobs. That includes having an internship in the exact field you want to work in; customizing your resume and cover letter to match the job perfectly and bringing highly relevant internship work or school projects into an interview to demonstrate your experience in the field.

In Chapter 5, you explained the five companies you don’t want to work for. Again, when there aren’t many options for a job applicant to choose from, what should you do when encountering such companies?

The five companies I outlined all had one common trait. Typically, their focus was not on the employee and employee development but was on factors other than training and employee well-being.

However, if faced with a scarcity of jobs, there may be times when a job candidate will have to accept a situation that is less desirable than they prefer because the economy and job market dictate that they do that. Otherwise, a candidate may find themselves unemployed, underemployed or working in an industry that doesn’t fit their career goals.

It is better to work for a less desirable company in your desired field than work for a company that does not fit in with your career goals.

What was your lightbulb moment that triggered you to write this book?

Don Raskin

Don Raskin

I have been mentoring college students and recent college graduates for many years. Several of these job candidates told me that they had sought out the advice of a recruiter, their college placement center or a friend/mentor. The lightbulb went off when I realized that students would be well served if they heard job search advice from an employer.

To be able to understand what the employer is thinking when a candidate sits for an interview is highly valuable information. So over time, I kept notes on job candidates that I interviewed for entry-level jobs with the thought that I would use these examples in a book. I believe the information contained in the book is very practical information and good advice that can help any entry-level job applicant secure a job in their desired field.

Verdict: buy this book, read it thoroughly, and recharge your job hunting efforts.

Image Source: Don Raskin and Regan Arts

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