How Being Dehydrated Made a Runner Millionaire

How Being Dehydrated Made a Runner Millionaire
Julie Austin

Julie Austin, the inventor of Swiggies

Julie Austin came up with the idea for Swiggies after passing out from dehydration. And it made her a millionaire.

If you’re a jogger or a marathoner, you’d probably know how it feels to be dehydrated, while there is no water around. Good thing is, a runner who experienced this herself had a brilliant idea to help fellow runners. And it proved to be more than brilliant. It made her a millionaire.

Julie Austin was running in the heat in August on a country road in TX. She ran with her keys and music so she didn’t have a way to carry a water bottle. She ended up passing out from dehydration, and luckily someone stopped and took her to the hospital.

She realized it was dangerous to go out running without water, and she needed a way to carry it hands-free. She thought the best way would be to carry it on her wrists, so it’s easily accessible. She looked around for something like it and there was nothing on the market. That’s when she decided to make one herself and started on a long journey of inventing and manufacturing the product.

Her patented product, Swiggies, wrist water bottles, have been a NASDAQ product of the year semi finalist and are currently sold in 24 countries. Started with $5, a clay prototype, and no experience in manufacturing and export-import, she now literally runs an international manufacturing business from home. Customers can also purchase them online at

Distributors order inventory straight from the factory and hire their own reps to sell in their country. Her business is now running on a system, that allows her to be almost hands-free, do more marketing and speaking activities.

However, as a patent holder, she must fight against copycats. And it has been taking her time and energy. It’s a common challenge that inventors experience.

As a respected innovator and businessperson, she is often invited to give speeches in front of Fortune 500 companies, inventors, and woman entrepreneur. She believes that women would make great investors as they have the traits to succeed in this field.

And for her innovative products and strong business acumen, Julie and her products have appeared on The Today Show, The Queen Latifa Show, HGTV, Lifetime, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, and the Wall Street Journal, along with dozens of TV shows, magazines and radio shows around the world. Her new book “The Money Garden: How to Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Income” is currently available on Amazon. brings you brief and smart news and tips.

Image Source: Swiggies, Julie Austin, and Pixabay

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