If You’re Weak and Get Sick Often, Here are 10 Superfoods to Increase Energy and Immunity.

If You’re Weak and Get Sick Often, Here are 10 Superfoods to Increase Energy and Immunity.

by Jennifer Xue

“Superfoods” is a popular term used by the general public to refer to foods with superior nutritional values and health benefits. It’s not a term used by nutritionists, dieticians, or scientists.

A superfood generally contains high quality and quantity of essential nutrients, phytochemicals, and other beneficial compounds, which are believed to increase health. They are usually very low in calorie and contain no preservatives and no additives. And contrary to popular belief, superfoods can be found in common marketplaces, groceries, and supermarkets.

In fact, you might have been used to having them in your meals.

One, salmon.

While most superfoods are fruits, seeds, or vegetables, salmon is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which is crucial in promoting cognitive development, fight inflammation, and improve mood. It’s also an excellent source of Vitamin D and carotenoid. It’s recommended to choose wild salmon rather than farmed salmon, because the former contains higher omega-3 fatty acids and lower PCB and dioxins.

Two, spinach.

Yup, this Popeye’s favorite is one of the best veggies out there. It contains rich mineral and vitamin components. The most notable nutrients in spinach are Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, zinc, and selenium. There are also small amounts of protein, Vitamin E, magnesium, niacin, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can easily cook it in everyday vegetable dishes or eat it raw as salad.

Three, quinoa.

Quinoa is relatively new in American diet, but it has been a staple in South America for centuries. It looks like grain, but it’s actually a relative of beet root. It makes sense that many cultures consume quinoa the same way as rice. Quinoa is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and Vitamin B. Simply consume it the way you would with rice, cereal, or salad.

Four, beans and lentils.

Despite causing bloatedness and gas, beans and lentils are very nutritious and shouldn’t be avoided just because they cause slight inconveniences. They are rich in protein, fiber, and “good” carbohydrates. Consume them with salad or slightly cooked chili and soup. They are also great to be mixed with pasta and hummus.

Five, apples.

Apples contain high fiber and full of antioxidants. Consuming apples regularly would lower your risk of colon, lung, and prostate cancers, while maintaining healthy level of HDL and LDL cholesterols. They are great for desserts and some savory dishes, including for salads.

Six, yogurt.

The frozen yogurt trend may have just started several years ago, but it was actually started during medieval Persian period. It contains lactobacilli and acidophilus, which are helpful bacteria for improving digestion. In fact, those who are lactose intolerant can still enjoy yogurt. Plain yogurt is known as a great source of protein and calcium. It’s better to have plain or low-fat yogurt rather than the sweetened version for weight loss purpose. You can bake cakes with yogurt or have it with salad and rice. Greek and Indian cuisines use yogurt in a variety of their dishes.

Seven, sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are ultra-nutritious. However, despite its name, it’s not related to potatoes nor yams. What’s so impressive about them is that they are the only food that provides all the essential nutrients you’d need in a day. Yes, if you only eat sweet potatoes without anything else, you’d still meet all the required nutritions. They are also super delicious and can be consumed in both sweet and savory ways.

Eight, kiwi.

Kiwi fruit is native to China. It’s sweet with slightly tart flavor. They are excellent source for fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, and other minerals and antioxidants. Actually, the skin of this fruit contains the most antioxidants, but due to its hairy surface, it’s often discarded. Kiwi is ideal to be consumed as fruit salad, smoothie, or snack.

Ninth, blueberries.

Blueberries look and taste awesome. They are also full of phytochemicals and antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and other major diseases. Consuming blueberries regularly would reduce your LDL cholesterol levels and reduce heart attack risk. Blueberries are ideal for pies, salad, and other dishes, including chicken blueberries.

Tenth, dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains the most cacao than other kinds of chocolate, like white chocolate or milk chocolate. While the healthiest form of chocolate is to consume the raw cacao, it’s too bitter for most people. Enjoy having your regular dose of dark chocolate everyday to prevent cancer, depression, inflammation, and other diseases.

Jennifer Xue is the founder and chief editor of SiliconValleyGlobe.com.

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