Latest product recalls: Toyota vehicles and Ikea dressers

Latest product recalls: Toyota vehicles and Ikea dressers
Sarah Anderson, Deseret News

Volkswagen, it turns out, is not the only company that’s having difficulties with the product quality. Toyota and Ikea have recently issued recalls based upon safety issues with some of their products.

1. Toyota vehicles

Japan’s Toyota is issuing a worldwide recall of 3.37 million vehicles for possible defects in airbags and emissions control units, according to NBC News.

On Tuesday, the company announced that 1.43 million cars, including models of its Prius and Lexus CT200h cars made from 2010 to 2012, needed repairs to air bag inflators, Reuters stated. According to, the air bags’ inflator may have a small crack that could widen, leading to the airbags unexpectedly inflating and potentially harming a passenger.

The risk is highest when the inflators have been exposed to high humidity, according to The New York Times.

On Wednesday, another recall was issued by Toyota for 2.87 million cars of its line of Prius, Auris compact hatchback and its Corolla models made from 2006 to 2015, that had a potential defect in emissions control units, according to Reuters. Reuters added these units are prone to cracks as well, and that can develop further and lead to fuel leaks.

NBC News noted that some of the hybrid Prius models overlap and have both defects, bringing the total number of vehicles recalled to 3.37 million.

No injuries have been connected to either problem yet, according to NBC News. Toyota was aware of seven incidents where a side curtain airbag in a parked Prius car has partially inflated, but nobody was reported hurt as a result, Reuters stated.

Toyota will notify known owners by mail, according to The company will also install free retention brackets to prevent the air bags from unwanted inflation, if customers wish, added.

Consumers can also check their vehicle’s status at

2. Ikea

On Tuesday, Ikea announced a voluntary recall for six models of its MALM dressers, with consumers able to receive a full or partial refund or a free wall-anchoring repair kit.

This means that almost 36 million chests and dressers in the U.S. and Canada are up for recall, after the products were linked to the death of six children, according to Reuters. All six children were 3 years or younger, and additionally, Ikea received 36 reports of injuries to children, according to The New York Times.

“It is simply too dangerous to have the recalled furniture in your home unanchored, especially if you have young children,” said Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman Elliott Kaye said in a statement, according to The Times.

Furniture or TV sets falling over kill a child every two weeks in U.S., The Times stated.

However, Lars Petersson, president and chief executive of Ikea USA, said to the Times that the recalled furniture was never meant to be free-standing, but instead attached via straps to the walls.

The recalled furniture can be brought back to an Ikea store or picked up by the company for free, according to CNN.

A full refund will be issued to furniture made between Jan. 1, 2002, and June 28, 2016, with a partial refund of half the original price given to anything made earlier, CNN stated. If the manufacturing date cannot be determined, a store credit of $50 will be given, it added.

To participate in the recall, contact Ikea at 1-866-856-4532 or by email at

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