Look Fashionably Modest With These Cool Style Ideas

Look Fashionably Modest With These Cool Style Ideas

by Janis Walker

It’s a little alarming how being stylish today has become a provocative means of showing skin as much as the person can. Looking sexy has a little thing to do when it comes to being stylish and fashionable. Being fashionable and stylish is how you treat yourself. It’s how you choose your outfits that suit your figure and how you are dressing up improves your confidence.

Here are some tips on how to look modest but stylish at the same time.

Remember That Loose Is Cool

Styling experts suggest that you must trade your tube-tops and miniskirts for loose, flowing pieces like tunic tops or maxi dresses to give you better comfort and especially during summer. You can be sexy without revealing too much skin, and this my friend is the number one rule of thumb for modest but stylish fashion.

Break Out The Nylon Pantyhose

If your skirt or dress obeys the best rules of modesty, but still makes you uncomfortable, you can always cover your lower legs with pantyhose. Plain or colorful styles work best, and you must not forget to avoid nylons or fishnets with patterns.

Try a Variety of Necklines

If necklines are your thing, you can also try mixing a mandarin collar with crew necks, and turtlenecks or a V-neck that sits high on your body. Don’t be afraid of low necklines because many of these can be appropriately worn and modestly by layering a tank top or camisole beneath them.

Don’t Overdo Layering

Because of so many items of clothing nowadays comes with no sleeves or short sleeves, some women who want to dress modestly feel that they need to layer up which causes them to overheat during warmer days.

Select clothing pieces that don’t require you to layer up too much such as a maxi dress that you can wear with a thin t-shirt underneath or a light cardigan on top. Instead of purchasing two shirts, you always look for some pieces will cover your whole body.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Your skin will obviously love you if you stick to a lightweight clothing. Choose breathable fabrics during the summertime such as silk, chambray, cotton, and jersey to allow your skin to breathe during humid weather.

Make Friends With Maxis

Because of the length, choosing different kinds of maxi dress and skirts is a good idea because they come from breathable and lightweight fabrics. They’re also ideal to keep your body covered and cool at the same time.

Disguise Your Necklines by Placing a Tank Top or Camisole Beneath Your Shirt

If you love to wear a dress or a top with low square neckline or low v-neck, do not lose hope. A feminine lace or a plain camisole with pretty neck details can transform your garment into something fabulous. Some camisoles have adjustable straps that you can adjust according to your preference.

Stock Up On Cute Outerwear Pieces

Think about denim jackets, shawls, cardigan sweaters, leather jackets, military-style jackets, blazers, and more. The more style and variety you use for your outerwear, the more looks you can create. Outerwear is one of the great patterns for layering over pieces with skinny straps, or low-cut backs are suitable for women’s clothing.

Have Fun With Accessories

Finding a modest and straightforward outfit that suits you will help you to enhance your patterns in dressing modestly. Wide-brimmed hats, straw totes, strappy sandals, dainty ring stacks,  and accessories will add some character and beauty to your summer flair outfit.

Play With Sleeve Styles

You have lots of options available than wearing a simple t-shirt or long sleeve. Always look for some new short-sleeve top with long-sleeve with kimono, or puff sleeves or cap. Choosing a fashionable sleeve is an excellent choice to stay modest and at the same time trendy.


If you already decided to start dressing modestly, you may sometimes feel a little lost about how you will do it while looking fashionable. Being fashionable and modest goes well together. Always decide on what standards do you want for modesty, and find some trendy clothing that perfectly fits perfectly on it. The last thing to do is add some layers to make it more modest and use the right accessories to add some beauty to your outfit.

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