Magical interactive dining table disrupting restaurant industry

Magical interactive dining table disrupting restaurant industry

by Jennifer Xue, Chief Editor of

The Internet of things has arrived at the next plateau. Now you can dine on an interactive table. The screen is sensitive enough to respond to gloved fingers, waterproof enough for you to spill coffee on, and durable enough for you to sit and dance on. You can do many things with and on it. Literally.

Yup, an interactive dining table that allows you to dance on it is here! Thanks to Kodisoft Interactive Restaurant Technology, which is breaking new ground and one of the most innovative interactive restaurant technology companies in the world.

Today, you can enjoy Kodisoft IRT in four restaurants:  Oshi Asian Restaurant in Cyprus, Ebony in Dubai, iCafe in Abu Dhabi and Neo in Russia. And we can expect to see more restaurants worldwide using the “magical” Kodisoft IRT.

iCafe Interactive Restaurant Technology

iCafe in Abu Dhabi

Kodisoft table brings excitement with various games and apps, interaction with people inside and outside the restaurant, instant interpretation of various languages, instant view to the kitchen, the hostess, and other parts of the restaurant, and even send a special drink to that lady at the next table without her even knowing. In other words, it’s everything-in-one dining table experience.

If you’re tired of waiting for a waiter to come to your table, Kodisoft table can help. You just touch, point, and click the interactive menu. The table provides menu analysis, so you can see what’s included in your orders, such as calorie and nutritional information. If language is a barrier, the table provides instant language translation.

For restaurateurs, it means a better allocation of workers and more efficiency —as it also saves a lot of paper used for taking orders and payment purposes. With more resources at hand, restaurant owners can focus on delivering better and tastier foods and better service to customers. The table also helps with scheduling and hiring of workers using B2B applications.

Kodisoft CEO Dmytro Kostyk

Kodisoft CEO Dmytro Kostyk and Team

Ukrainian entrepreneur Dmytro Kostyk is the brainchild of this magnificent table. He is the founder and CEO of Kodisoft Interactive Restaurant Technology. The company has existed for five years and now comprises of 20 team members.

He was first interested in technology when he was 14 years old with a paid gig designing Web site. He has always been interested in creating useful inventions. He noticed that restaurants used a lot of paper for menus, table clothes, bills, notes, and others. The paper management was quite messy and workers often misplaced the notes and menus got dirty and oily. He wanted to streamline the industry with a “magic” table.

1. Advantages for Customers

Customers can entertain themselves, thus reducing boredom when waiting for their orders. With pictures, games, selfie shots, image projection to the wall, videos, and social media updates continuously being streamed, customers and their kids might want to stay longer, thus ordering more meals and drinks.

Customers can easily invite and recommend their favorite restaurants and foods directly to their social media accounts. They can take selfie photos through the built-in camera and apps. They can send orders to other tables in the restaurant with ease.

The built-in translation and interpretation feature allows customers with various languages to enjoy the menu with ease. They just need to change the language and, voila, everything is readable. Communication becomes easier and barrier no longer exists.

2. Advantages for Restauranteurs

With IRT, no paper is needed, so it saves a lot of money that can be used for renovation and menu development. It also allows for a new stream of income: interactive and video ads. Collaborating with advertising agencies or directly with brands, restaurants can earn handsomely from running video and interactive campaigns organically.

In short, Kodisoft IRT provides restaurateurs with more ways to reduce costs and additional ways to increase revenues. It’s ideal for cafes, restaurants, malls, hotels, airports, and HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) food industry in general.

It also helps to streamline the restaurant management through contact-less payment technology using smartphone, credit or debit card with built-in unique security features. Privacy and safety are protected with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

3. How Durable is This Table?

The unique diamond-hard safety glass was produced using advanced lab-tested thermal and chemical treatments to increase its strength and resilience to nearly unbreakable levels. As a result, it’s not only safe and durable but enormously visually pleasing as well as intuitively sensitive to human touch.

The wafer-thin frame and solid glass surface made the screen fantastic to touch. It’s one smooth amalgam of metal and glass that is seamless without frame or borders.

Kodisoft IRT uses these technologies:

  • The world’s first ultra-HD interactive tabletop with unlimited multitouch, meaning all diners can touch the screen at the same time and interact with gesture as high as 8 centimeters without touching the screen
  • Thick 8 millimeters safety glass, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Built-in contactless secure payment technology
  • Near field communications (NFC), mobile apps or QR codes of convenient communications and easy access to social media accounts
  • Face and hand tracking using Intel RealSense
  • Built-in camera
  • Intel NUC powered by 5th generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • Intel Edison platform

See it to believe it.

Video on praises from Intel, Cisco, Adobe, and others:

Video on strength:

Video on functionality:

Video on usage in various restaurants:


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Image and Video Source: Kodisoft

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