SelfieMark app takes selfies to business level with polling and feedback

SelfieMark app takes selfies to business level with polling and feedback

SelfieMarkSelfieMark is an app that facilitates selfie-enabled personal, product and cross promotion polling. The image-centric sharing and polling platform provides a faster way for both individuals and brands to share, discover and pool feedback.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms, users can easily promote, compare, vote and share visual content through side-by-side polling image presentation with just one tap. The app allows for instantaneous engagement and is shareable across social media platforms.

“Selfies are the new normal and continue to change how consumers and brands communicate,” said Paula Stewart, CEO of SelfieMark. “SelfieMark provides users and brands an easy way of polling that enables users to share valuable feedback and make instant decisions on daily indecisions. The app is a unified ‘go to’ platform for consumers seeking the ultimate social interaction experience and for brands to leverage and monetize for more informed business decisions.”

Below is our interview with Paula Stewart, the founder of SelfieMark.

Do you consider SelfieMark is groundbreaking or disrupting?

Paula Stewart of SelfieMark

SelfieMark CEO Paula Stewart

SelfieMark will be the first and only systematic platform (patent-pending) to enable users (individuals and companies) to promote a brand, while comparing/polling a product in the context of sharing a selfie/image. Individuals will have the ability to affect markets in real-time.

Yes, we think we are disrupting the market with a fresh choice in the very limited social media market platforms out there. Our interactive polls are very unique and we think users can find that useful to get the feedback they crave and deserve.

What do I wear? What to buy? Where to go?

We offer the best of all networks out there and we focus on the feedback and social interactions without even being friends or following anyone. When you post a picture or a poll, our users will respond with “liking” it and voice their opinions about what is being shown.

Our users find that addictive and brands find this refreshing without spending a lot of money.

Who are the founders of the company?

A married couple. Paula Stewart is the Founder and CEO and David is the COO. David is also the founder of multimillion-dollar ecommerce relocation services.

What was the “lightbulb moment” that inspired and triggered the founders to start the SelfieMark?

I felt I needed to create something that will help people make easy decisions. When shopping for the store I previously ran, I wished I had some feedback about what color to use in my next collection and not getting stuck with merchandise that wouldn’t sell.

I love visual content and I know that images speak louder than words. I also love peer-to-peer recommendations. Ecommerce and retail are drastically changing and millennials are not shopping the same way as Generation X used to.

After the “selfie boom” I knew there was something powerful in selfies, images, and being a brand ambassador through personal experiences. Influencers are telling stories on Instagram and YouTube, but they are not getting their ROIs as they wish, because they cannot link their content properly.

There is still a niche market in the social media universe and that is how SelfieMark was born.

I got my “aha” moment and I created a social network empowered by personal experiences and users telling others and their friends what brands they love. The polls complement the experience by helping users decide what to buy or where to go and more between two selfies/images.

SelfieMarkHow long does it take to realize the product/business from raw idea to what you have today?

It took us one year and a half from the idea to launch. And we’re still working on it.

What are the strengths of the product?

The feedback that people and brands crave through the use of selfies and polls in real time, which we call “Interactive Marketing.”

SelfieMark is the only social network and picture sharing app that focuses on selfies/images that allow users to compare two photos, and polling user’s preferences between two selfies/images. These can be used to incentivize a purchase or making a decision about a new product before launch.

How is the product distinguished from your competitors in the market?

We offer a lot more features including linking a product in a post unlike Instagram so brands can get ROI.

Who are your competitors?

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat.

In what startup stage is your business now?

We have just launched a few months ago. It’s in Round A, pre-revenue stage.

What’s the total funding it has obtained so far?

We are not funded yet. At the moment we’re privately funded.

One year from now, where will the product/business be?

We will be growing our user base to one million. Working on partnerships with beauty, fashion, and retails brands so they can use the polls as a vehicle to get feedback from users without spending a dime.

Currently partnering with “Beauty Society” a beauty lifestyle brand from Los Angeles CA.

What do you wish to accomplish in the next five years?

Great question. We think we can be a powerful social media network driven by people reviews. So if Instagram and Yelp had a baby that will be SelfieMark.

We want to break the wall of how brands and consumers communicate. Millennials are not buying traditional advertising anymore and we want to bring a fresh way where brands get the feedback they need to make decisions and to engage users in real time.



Image Sources: SelfieMark and Pixabay

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