She Broke Her Leg before Going to New York City and It was Awesome

She Broke Her Leg before Going to New York City and It was Awesome

If you have ever broken your leg and had to wear a pair of medical boots, you’re not alone. Every year, approximately four million people need them. And when Christina Daves had to wear them to New York City, the fashion capital of the world, she looked everywhere for a pair of fashionable medical boots, but found nothing.

Realizing there were none, she added cuffs and accessories to make the boring medical boots looked more representable for attending more fashionable events. And it inspired her to help people with injured legs to heal in style.

Apparently, Daves’ strong fashion consciousness, which she got from owning and managing an upscale retail store for nine years, matched her business acumen. She held a focus group and wrote a business plan. She then started collecting old medical boots from friends to learn the various variations. She noticed that most boot linings work well with Velcro, so she designed fur cuffs, half socks, and flowers that can be attached to them.

Heal in Style CamoSock

Her mission in making medical boots more stylish has been accomplished. It proved to be a genius business move. When people notice that the wearer has medical boots with accessories on them, they would likely turn a negative comment like “what happened to your leg” to a positive one “that’s cute.” And it would cheer and uplift the injured person.

Christina believed that an injury shouldn’t get in the way of looking and healing your best. Turning recovery into a fabulous fashion experience brings more positivity into the oftentimes depressing period. Even Mariah Carey and Demi Lovato had been spotted wearing MediFashions Castmedic Designs boots and accessories.

As a business person, Daves was both innovative and very effective in marketing. In less than one year, she appeared in over 50 media outlets, including Steve Harvey Show, Doctor Oz, local affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and the CW, The
Washington Post, and national magazines like All You and Parenting. She even won an investors’ competition on Steve Harvey Show, sold her designs to Diana Ross and Olympian Jordyn Wieber, partnered with a medical boot manufacturer and, eventually, sold the products directly in doctors’ offices.

This publicity success inspired her to start a PR firm named PR for Anyone, which helps small-budget businesses and authors to generate positive publicity efficiently. She also wrote a bestselling book, PR for Anyone™ 100+ Affordable Ways To Easily Create Buzz for your Business that comes with over 100 tips to gain free media exposure.

Who knew a broken leg could give birth to two successful businesses? There is a silver lining in every broken leg, positively. Well, at least, there will be some flowers, pins, or fur on the boots. brings you brief and smart news and tips.

Image Source: Christina Daves

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