Tapping the minds of 5 disruptors under 40 who changed their industries

Tapping the minds of 5 disruptors under 40 who changed their industries

by Federico Re

It’s very insightful to meet serial disruptors in the industry, and learn from their philosophies to life and genius mindset when it comes to innovation, pioneering new trends, and ultimately making the most of a commercial opportunity at hand.

Back in January, I was able to meet five serial disruptors with a mission to unveil the common thread to their thinking process and essentially define their formula to success.

In an attempt to revisit this subject, I decided to continue this experiment in February, and interview five candidates across 5 new industry sectors including retail, entertainment, hospitality, property development, and transportation. This time, I took the approach of interviewing 5 young candidates aged under 40. My goal was to explore their key traits, philosophies, experiences, insights, values and beliefs around the subject of ‘disruption,’ which I could summarize with around 150 words for each candidate. My contingents included:

Clare Dea (Entertainment) – Flying Free Productions

Clare Dea

Clare DeaInspire others to step into their authentic path

Collaborate with like-minded people
Connect to your own inner world
We all have an infinite amount of potential living within us, it’s important to have the tools to access it and harness it into our creative pursuits
Inspire people to share their authentic story and learn tools and techniques to free themselves
Create a community of creatives and inspire them to thrive personally
Create long lasting relationships
Employ the right people to create the structures needed for growth to take place
Look for voids to fill in the marketplace
Find a way to collaborate
Put colleagues and strategic partners on a pedestal
Create alignment with all of your values
Take 100% responsibility
Continue to grow and have brilliant mentors
Joint venture with other brands
Expand and grow exponentially
Let go of past ideas
Start small and make mistakes

Sandro Tranquim (Transportation) – Tranquim

Sandro Tranquim

Sandro Tranquim

Passion is critical because it’s your driving force
Go the extra mile
Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no”
Don’t quit, just keep going
You can do anything you set your mind to
Adversity makes you stronger
You have to fall first before you can learn to walk
Connections are the heartbeat of the business
Building the right culture into my people from the get-go is of paramount importance
I don’t believe in cost cutting
Invest in infrastructure, tools, knowledge, people, and it will pay off
Believe in God. He’s my Boss and I see that I’m answerable to Him for what I do
Humility, kindness, and respect for others is what drives the business
It’s only when you’re stirred so deeply for change that disruption and innovation enters the equation

Vinita Baravkar (Retail) – Bhumi

Vinita Baravkar

Create an earth-life balance
Be adaptable and resilient
Love change
Challenge the status quo and shake things up
Disruption allows a different perspective
Challenge the bigger businesses and provide a differentiator
Knowledge is very powerful
Lead by example
Hold onto your belief and keep going
Education and having the knowledge is most important
Make a change
Have a vision and the ideas to create something different
Learn from your own mistakes
Provide children access to education as they deserve opportunity
Tap into what people are wanting and asking
Knowledge brings power, power brings choice, choice brings change
The experiential factor of the product can make a positive impact on people

Sally Illingworth (Hospitality) – Crust

Sally Illingworth

Sally Illingworth

Publicly accept responsibility for the failure or success of your ventures
Don’t allow yourself to become the result of your circumstances but rather the results of your choices
Aspire to inspire others
Become success seekers instead of failure avoiders
Control our thoughts and motivate ourselves to create our own potential
Inspire others to take control of their own lives
Encourage women to empower themselves
I am passionate about the brand and believe in our product
There is always a plethora of challenges. It’s a key part of the journey; develop a ‘growth mindset’ instead of a ‘fixed mindset’
Challenge the status quo
The opportunities within technology are endless and are such powerful levers to achieve progress
I value resilience and ambition
Constantly improve the quality and nature of education
Self-empowerment across the world is far from capacity
Impact people’s lives in a positive manner

Brian Chua (Property Development) – Tailor Projects

Brian Chua

Brian Chua

Share the same vision and align your values to better society
My inspiration comes from my passion for renewable energy and green buildings
Screw it and just do it yourself
Develop an exit strategy
Challenge the status quo
Go against the grain
Push the boundaries and create something different
Never give up on your dreams
Strategic partnerships are most important
Believe in your own mission and vision of the company
Follow your passion and dreams, don’t just do it for the money.
Never give up, talent is over-rated
Take risks
You definitely need mentors to accelerate your dreams
Share information and educate others
Collaborate and share the love

The Blueprint to Success

After carefully examining the minds of these five young disruptors, one thing I discovered was a common thread in their thought process, general attitude to life, and blueprint or DNA to their success.

The evidence suggests that passion, self-belief, integrity, vision, and change rank as the five most common and highest values found amongst these individuals. So, do you have what it takes to be the next serial disruptor within your industry?

About the Author

Federico ReFederico Re is an entrepreneurship coach, motivational speaker, journalist, and business writer based in Australia. In 1997, at the age of 22, he started a business with revenue growth of 50 per cent annually, achieving retail sales of more than $10 million per year. He attended the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’ in South Africa, and is the founder of a niche coaching practice Creative Entrepreneur  based in Melbourne. His bespoke services are tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, SME business owners, and CEOs.

Images by Federico Re and Pixabay

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