Testbirds and the future of crowdtesting

Testbirds and the future of crowdtesting
Testbirds founders

Testbirds founders: Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer, and Markus Steinhauser
Photo by Philipp Guelland for Testbirds

In 2011, two university graduates Philipp Benkler and Georg Hansbauer were struck with the idea of combining software testing with crowdsourcing. Soon, they began conducting market research and, to their surprise, learned that crowdsourced software testing, while still in its fledgling years, already existed.

They saw the immense potential in this relatively new approach to software testing. By the end of December, they brought Markus Steinhauser on board. Together with their first order from their first client, they successfully opened their first office in Munich, Germany. Soon after, they founded Testbirds and coined the term “crowdtesting.”

Looking at the advancement of technologies and the crowdworking trend, crowdtesting becomes inevitable. With the birth of the Internet of Things, which means everything around us becomes increasingly digital, we need to simplify things to enhance our lives, working methods, and the whole world. Technology malfunctions don’t have any place now, as it would make life difficult.

High-quality software testing ensures that the quality of technology meets a high standard and lays the foundation for success. Therefore, it should be performed in all phases of a digital product’s lifespan.

Testbirds was founded based on the crowdworking trend. It’s basically crowdsourcing the testers. It is more superior than internal testing teams. Here is the logic: Consumers use products in a myriad of ways, sometimes beyond what the manufacturer predicted. Thus, the best testers aren’t in-house testing teams, but the consumers.

With a crowd of over 150,000 testers and over 60 demographic criteria based on extensive tester profiles, companies are guaranteed to find their target audience represented in Testbirds’ crowd. Similarly, thanks to such a vast crowd where each has their testing tools, companies can gain access to over 380,000 devices. This, in turn, ensures that software is tested over a seemingly endless combination of operating systems, devices, browsers, among much more.

Apart from consumer application, crowdtesting can also be utilized in an enterprise environment by creating a crowd consisting of the company’s employees. At Testbirds, this is offered as the Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ service. Simply put, a crowd can consist of a group of people who will be utilizing the software. They can be those are external consumers or internal users.

It’s common that software testing becomes an afterthought when development teams are riddled with resource and time restrictions. For example, this is one of the reasons that DITTO Technologies allows a person to try virtually on glasses decided to invest in multiple structured bug tests with Testbirds.

The testing process consisted of ten structured bug tests. Testers were asked to follow specific steps to locate functionality issues across multiple platforms, browsers, and operating systems.

Sergey Serkov, CTO and cofounder of DITTO Technologies mentioned how device diversification motivated him to invest in Testbirds’ service. He said, “One of the main issues we face is platform fragmentation. For example, procuring all the phones necessary to accurately predict how our software and website will function on mobile devices would be difficult due to the time and resources required. Testbirds provides a solution to this through the immense amount of devices represented in their crowd.”

Testbirds received its first round of VC funding totaling 2 million Euros. The Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (now Economy and Energy) recognized our business model’s potential and funded Testbirds in the form of the EXIST scholarship as well as the start-up competition, “IKT Innovativ.” Testbirds received the second round of funding in February 2016 totaling another 2 million Euros.

From three employees with a small office, the company currently has over 66 employees in Munich, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Also, Testbirds now has franchises in Hungary and Russia and sales partners in Italy and North America.

From a crowd consisting of solely close friends and relatives, in just four years, Testbirds’ tester pool has grown to over 150,000 crowdworkers, each comes with a unique background and a diverse level of expertise. As a result, there are currently over 380,000 devices represented on the company’s testing platform.

Testbirds’ primary focus has always been on satisfying clients’ requirements through flexibility and innovation. It is demonstrated through the manner the company has consistently expanded its service portfolio based on the demands of the market. In the past, they have introduced three distinct service levels: Self Service, Self Service Plus, and Managed Service. Testbirds now also offers usability testing, which led to one of its most popular services: BugAbility™ or the combination of functionality and usability crowdtesting.

Testbirds crowdtesting is performed with cloud solutions on a single platform under the slogan, “Testing 4.0 – The Next Generation of Quality. Powered by Crowd and Cloud Technologies.”

An example of this is TestChameleon™, software as a service (SaaS) solution that makes it possible to perform manual or automated software tests on virtual machines. Jumio, a company that specializes in identity management, developed a safe method to scan credit cards and check personal information online, has trusted in TestChameleon for over two years now. Jumio performs its Selenium test cases on a dozen virtual machines on a regular basis to ensure that with every new release their software consistently meets their high standards.

Testbirds’ aim is to ensure that digital products such as applications, websites, VR and connected devices are optimized to near perfection through innovative testing solutions. The success the company has seen in its five years of operation helps it moving towards its ultimate goal of becoming the world’s leading provider of innovative testing solutions.



Image Source: Testbirds.com

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