The 4 best movies about video games

The 4 best movies about video games
John Clyde,

16-BIT LAND — Video game movies aren’t known for being great cinema.

When the best of the bunch is likely “Prince of Persia,” you know there is something wrong with the genre. Even though these films aren’t great, we’re going to continue to get them. Why? Because people are going to see them.

The newest video game offering “Warcraft” doesn’t look too impressive from a box office standpoint when you see it’s only made $39.3 million against a $160 million budget. The film’s worldwide gross tells a different story, however. “Warcraft” has made nearly $340 million overseas, meaning the film has made nearly $380 million in all.

We can hope that the video game genre will turn things around like the superhero genre has, but until then, not all is lost. While movies based on specific video games aren’t great, there are some great movies based around video games.

With all this talk of video game movies, let’s take a look at some of the best films about video games.


This 1983 flick may not have aged as well as we’d hoped, but it’s still a fun nostalgia flick and earns a spot on the list.

For some reason, all kids born around this time thought desktop computers were the most amazing thing and nothing would be cooler than being a hacker. Also, Matthew Broderick was pretty cool himself.

Add all that together along with a story that involved a harmless game nearly starting World War III and you have a movie about video games that became an instant classic.

Watch “WarGames” today and the tech is dated, jokes are no longer topical, and the foe is now an ally. But even with all these glitches, the film is still a solid one and belongs here.

The King of Kong

This documentary follows some die-hard arcade gamers as they try to break world records on classic arcade games. This movie plays out like the ultimate underdog story and is possibly one of the most compelling, intriguing, funny and heart-wrenching docs I’ve seen.

Video games are at the core of these gamers’ lives, and it’s mesmerizing to watch them dedicate their worlds to become the “King of Kong.”

Maybe documentaries aren’t your cup of tea, but this is just a fantastic movie that’s absolutely worth your time.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This one is a little tricky because “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is based off a graphic novel that happens to be focused on video games. Director Edgar Wright captured the video-game feel for this movie like no one has before.

Scott Pilgrim is a different film, but if quirky and strange things are up your alley, then “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is your movie. I laughed out loud on several occasions while watching this in the theater, and it’s a film that requires multiple viewings to really appreciate everything it offers.

When it comes to movies based around video games, this is one of the best.

Wreck-It Ralph

Disney Animation Studios has made some great films, but “Wreck-It Ralph” has to be one of the most original and clever flicks of the bunch.

A Donkey Kong-like villain, Wreck-It Ralph is tired of being bad and just wants the other people in his game to be his friend. In order to win their approval, he decides he’s going to venture into other games and become a hero to gain their respect. What he doesn’t realize is the peril he puts his fellow characters in by abandoning his own game.

The film is heart-felt, often hilarious and incredibly clever. This is a family movie that is truly fantastic for kids and parents, and is likely the best movie about video games to date.


While video game movies may leave us wanting, there are several movies about video games that remind us that video games and movies aren’t the mortal enemies we thought they were.

What are your favorite movies about video games? Let us know in the comments.

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