The Disruptors: unveiling the minds of 5 Aussie Entrepreneurs who disrupted their Industries

The Disruptors: unveiling the minds of 5 Aussie Entrepreneurs who disrupted their Industries

by Federico Re

Back in the 20th century, we witnessed many great pioneers that revolutionized our world and brought opportunity and commodity to the everyday person, including Henry Ford with his motor vehicle; Thomas Edison with his incandescent light bulb; and let’s not forget the Wright brothers with the mighty aeroplane.

Nowadays, the pioneers of today are commonly referred to as the ‘Disruptors.’ This buzz word seems to pop up all the time, especially in the world of entrepreneurship and within the start-up community across the globe. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in innovation, technology advancement, and a new mindset and attitude, across a range of industries.

A Mindset Experiment

To understand what drives these disruptors, I was compelled to initiate an experiment that would examine the common threads amongst these unique individuals. In particular, I was curious to know what inspired these individuals to go against the grain of common practice; what challenges they faced in their earlier efforts to launch their new ventures; how they managed to compete and remain ahead of their game; as well as the importance of leadership, strategic partnerships, and venture capital.   I was also interested to look into the future of disruption, and how this will manifest itself across the globe, and what changes are likely to take place and the impact this will have on the ecosystem.

To accomplish this goal, I interviewed five Aussie Disruptors across five sectors, including Education, Food and Agriculture, Technology, Health and Wellbeing, and Social Entrepreneurship. My endeavor was to identify their key traits, philosophies, experiences, insights, values and beliefs around the subject of ‘disruption,’ which I could summarize with around 150 words for each candidate. My contingents included:

My contingents included:

Omar De Silva (Education‘The Plato Project’)

Omar de Silva

Omar de Silva

Avoid red tape
Work outside the comfort zone
Engage in trial and error
Go against the grain
Implement new delivery mechanisms
Engage in mindful leadership through demonstrated authenticity
Have compassion
Leverage on your entrepreneurial spirit
Provide  education that is relevant
Deliver value Have self-awareness and apply strategic thinking
Foster social entrepreneurship instead of trading social value for a commercial outcome
Build strategic partnerships to leapfrog progress
Build awareness and shared value; cash is the lifeline of new business
Remain pragmatic about the outcomes achieved from the investment made
It’s difficult to achieve success on a grand scale without a close team and community support
Success hinges around influential leadership
Hard work beats talent
Invest your time in constant learning
Self-awareness, passion, and dedication is key to success
Focus on your niche market
Private and nimble businesses can best maneuver around competition
Help others achieve success

Phillip Bradley (Food & Agriculture‘Applied Permaculture Design’)

Phillip Bradley

Phillip Bradley

Develop a culture where humanity is complimentary to the human environment
Engage in creative and regenerative methodologies to promote production
Make a positive contribution hinging on one’s passion
Make a difference by restoring harmony within the local environment
Rise to the challenge
Collaborate with partners that share the same ethos and are willing to tackle the same issues
Vision cannot be achieved as an individual but as a team and through collaboration
Disruptors present, discuss and disturb traditional practices
To disrupt you need to demonstrate the ‘reality’ instead of talking ‘concepts’
Engage in crowd funding using shared interest and shared passion
Skill, application, and practice is key to success
Talent is key especially with effective communication
Innovation must happen at grass-root level within the local environment
Engage influencers within government to take interest in the local community

Stephanie Moroz (Technology‘Nano-Nouvelle’)

Stephanie Moroz

Stephanie Moroz

Bring technology into practical existence
Solve global problems using technology
Implement renewable energy sources that can match demand
Disruptive thinking is essential to overcome barriers
Take a leap to find a different solution
Strategic partnerships is most important for securing venture capital
Create something that fits the customer’s need
Atalent for science and relevant education is necessary
Opportunities are endless
Broader population ideally should have stronger education in science and critical thinking
Renewable energy and energy efficiency have made enormous strides
Bring technology to people in ways that can dramatically improve their lives without the harm to the environment

Diana Bordean (Health & Wellbeing‘YOUnique’)

Diana Bordean

Diana Bordean

Help clients overcome barriers and empower them to find their wellness
To disrupt you need to serve the wider community with a greater purpose
Make a difference
See a gap in the market using a holistic approach
Work together and bridge the gap to serve the community
Use technology to provide accessibility and convenience to people around the world
To compete, strategic partnerships are key
You can’t beat people skills
Have the right connections and serve people with their core needs
A holistic approach to providing wellness to clients is key
It’s best to function with inner peace and gratitude
Ahappier person makes a happier workplace
Governments should provide the necessary resources to the community for people to live a better lifestyle which will promote well-being and a healthier mindset

Mia Munro (Social Entrepreneurship‘Miako Social Enterprises’)

Mia Munro

Mia Munro

Correct humanity’s imbalance through social enterprise using a profitable and sustainable structure
Educate all humans from design to manufacturing to purchasing
Demonstrate and activate transparency and sustainability through social innovation, education, and sustainability
Build global partnerships with fair exchange that honors culture, values and worth
Create new choices for customers through blockchain style technology
Build a transparent economy
Encourage charities to become sustainable commercial enterprises
Create new choices through education
Reverse the old cycle to reduce drain on humans emotionally, physically and financially
Strategic partnerships are essential to disrupt
Engage in crowdfunding
Consider bringing on aligned investors
Communicate and influence others in a gentle and non-confrontational manner
Determination, passion, integrity, and persistence
Gaining real world knowledge is the greatest gift
Allow innovation and creativity to manifest
Serial entrepreneurs must respect humanity
Support humans to make new choices that serve them, their fellow humans, the environment and the animal kingdom
Avoid egotistical greed
Build ethical businesses and provide exceptional education on the new paradigm

The Common Thread

So, is there a common thread amongst serial disruptors and what is their formula to success? Based on the experiment, this all depends on the interpretation of their philosophies and values, as well as the industry sector they represent. For me, a shared vision, combined with passion and determination, and a collaborative spirit amongst key stakeholders are still my favorite ingredients to achieving ultimate success in whatever shape or form.

About the Author

Federico ReFederico Re is an entrepreneurship coach, motivational speaker, journalist, and business writer based in Australia. In 1997, at the age of 22, he started a business with revenue growth of 50 per cent annually, achieving retail sales of more than $10 million per year. He attended the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’ in South Africa, and is the founder of a niche coaching practice Creative Entrepreneur  based in Melbourne. His bespoke services are tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, SME business owners, and CEOs.

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