The power of art: adore your walls, be inspired and sell more

The power of art: adore your walls, be inspired and sell more

by Liz Lidgett, Adore Your Walls CEO 

Liz Lidgett

At Adore Your Walls, our mission is to help people find art they love for any budget or space. We have been fortunate enough to see the impact that a piece of artwork can have in someone’s space, but after recently moving into our first office, we have really come to appreciate the life and inspiration that art can bring to an office space.

We often come to businesses with blank walls who don’t understand why art should be a priority. It’s part of our job to educate potential customers on why art should be a priority and how it can make an impact.

We often hear from new clients that they have seen a mural we completed, a restaurant we decorated or an office building with standout art.

There are five ways art can make a difference in your space.

1. Art tells a story.

Whether you want it to or not, the artwork you put on the walls of your office is part of your marketing plan because it tells a story about your business without saying a word. When clients, potential employees, or investors walk into your office, your artwork and space is the first thing they are going to notice before meeting you. You want to leave a lasting impression on those people entering your office that is thoughtful and powerful, just like your artwork and space around you. Blank walls can show that your office is either brand new or not cared for. Artwork can help show your priorities, mission, and values while also showing you have pride in your work space.

2. Art gives you a competitive edge.

Employees consider art and a beautiful office space a benefit of working at a company. When you are trying to be competitive with other companies while you’re fighting for great talent, the extras are important. I can’t tell you how many people have walked into our space, which is full of beautiful art, and have said they would love to work in an environment like ours. It’s not just because they love the company, it’s because they see the value of working in a space that is creative, inspiring, and sometimes a little quirky…just like the art on our walls. Artwork is an intangible benefit you can offer potential employees and beat out the other companies that only offer them gym membership.

3. Art inspires innovation.

A McKinsey report recently cited in the Harvard Business Review indicated that 94 percent of CEOs surveyed were disappointed with the level of innovation within their companies. Adding art to your walls can inspire an employee to think about a problem or solution in a different way. We talk to employees at our client companies who tell us that a walk through the halls filled with art helps them through the times they are hitting a mental roadblock.

4. Art is team building.

Whether your art sparks a conversation between employees (“Do you think that glass is half empty or half full?”) or you display employee’s artwork on the walls, the art you choose can be a team building experience. We love displaying employee’s artwork that they have created because it demonstrates that the company they work for also supports their other interests outside of the workplace. Plus, it gives other employees an opportunity to support their fellow colleagues.

Adore Your Walls

5. Art supports the community that supports you.

Buying from local artists within the community that has supported your business will go a long way to show your appreciation. As a startup ourselves, we always remember the people and artists that helped us in the beginning of our company. We know or have a relationship with almost every artist we have in our office and it makes the artwork that much more meaningful. It’s a source of pride for us to show off artwork from local artists!

About the Author

Liz Lidgett is the CEO of Adore Your Walls based in Des Moines, Iowa, where she lives with her husband, two cats, and 27 pieces of art.

Her passion for art in all spaces is infectious and has helped numerous private and public collections grow strategically and be seen properly. She writes regularly about art and design in Do It Yourself magazine and for Gannett Publications.

Image Source: Liz Lidgett

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