The Story behind Amy Schumer’s Trending Vanity Fair Crotch on Fire Photo

The Story behind Amy Schumer’s Trending Vanity Fair Crotch on Fire Photo

Kathryn Rostan woke up yesterday seeing Amy Schumer on the cover of Vanity Fair wearing a $34 T-shirt Rostan designed. This photo of Amy Schumer with fire on her crotch soon viraled on the Internet. And it was such a big surprise for Rostan and her team at From Phoenix with Love.

Rostan’s philosophy of “living life to the fullest” can be clearly felt from the witty words and phrases on those T-shirts they create.

Cited from Vanity Fair fashion and style director Jessica Diehl, “It was very her.” The “no coffee, no workee” tee was Schumer’s own. She added, “The whole attitude, the T-shirt, the slogan on the T-shirt—it just felt very real, with everything else being so surreal.”

Chicagoan Kathryn started a T-shirt business in 2012 when she left her job in Customer Service. She began with making phone cases and selling them on Etsy. After a while, she felt unsatisfied and decided to give making T-shirts with witty and fun phrases on them. She called her new business From Phoenix with Love. Phoenix was the name of her 7 year-old Havanese pup.

Now also sells beanies, mugs, infant onesies, and scraves. Soon, they will have products for dogs as well. is definitely in an interesting business case and success story, where the creator and her team develop a love for both enjoying life and doing serious business. Harlow, a Pomeranian Bichon mix, is an awesome latest furry addition, ready to add more cheerfulness into the mix.

Apparently, selling “fun” requires serious commitment.

We’re waiting for Harlow and Phoenix’s photos going viral next. Perhaps the time is near. brings you brief and smart news and tips.

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