This Woman Makes $4000 to $12,000 Per Month Selling Soaps and Mineral Cosmetics Online. It’s Easier than You Think.

This Woman Makes $4000 to $12,000 Per Month Selling Soaps and Mineral Cosmetics Online. It’s Easier than You Think.

Call her Ann. She is a stay-at-home mom with three children. In the morning, she wakes her two older kids up and prepares for their breakfast. She drives them to and from school. In between sending off and picking them up, she has a few hours at home alone with her one-year old. Usually, at home, she cleans, cooks, gardens, pays bills, and fixes things.

Occasionally, she has lunch dates with girlfriends. Does Ann’s routine sound like yours? If yes, read on.

In February 2014, she found out about selling soaps, lotions, and mineral cosmetics online. She now makes $12,000 per month selling them on her Web site out of her suburban home. She markets them on social media. And her business doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

If you think she’s selling a branded cosmetics line, like Avon or Mary Kay, you’re dead wrong.

Surprise! She creates and sells her own cosmetics line, which allows her to reap a huge profit margin. For instance, a bottle of lotion only costs her $3.50 in raw material and production cost, which she sells for $35 a pop. That’s 900 percent profit margin.

How did she do it?

First, register for a trademark or trademarks for your spa and cosmetics lines.

This is the first step to owning your own spa and cosmetics line. It’s for your own legal protection in the future. Other than that, you’d need to keep the dream alive. Start with naming the business, the line, and the individual product. Be creative and don’t be restricted by “what you think about cosmetics brand names.” You probably have heard these brands: Benefit, Philosophy, Urban Decay, and Juara. Do they sound like the typical “cosmetics brands”?

Second, take note of your favorite products.

Keep their boxes and containers, so you can have a feel of what the ingredients are. Of course, they likely don’t include the detailed production process, but at least you’d know what the contents are. You’d need to show them to your chosen manufacturer.

Third, order your spa and cosmetics line from a private label or contract manufacturer.

Be extra vigilant in choosing the right manufacturer for your products. Don’t simply base your decision on price alone. Quality, safety, and confidentiality are key in this business. You don’t want to sacrifice your customers’ health and your business’ prospects simply to save a few bucks.

Fourth, make sure to do your marketing campaign well. Spread the words, toot your own horn.

Use top social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram. Be active and dedicate yourself or a team of social media assistants to work on your behalf. Learn efficient ways to communicate to your followers. Conduct contests and sweepstakes to gain more followers.

Fifth, understand the ins and outs of spa and cosmetics industry from a reputable source.

You’d need to understand the safety regulations pertaining to cosmetics products, which private label and contract manufacturers to choose from a list of reputable companies and laboratories, how you can market your products through trade shows, which trade organizations to join, and more. In other words, you’d need to truly understand what a cosmetics line owner must do to break into and succeed in this business.

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