Unique product: storing cannabis products with Cannador

Unique product: storing cannabis products with Cannador

By Zane Witzel, Cannador CEO

Zane Witzel

At Cannador, we design and manufacture cannabis storage products to meet three very specific criteria: safety, organization and preservation. It all spawned from an idea I had while living in Los Angeles four years ago. Prior to heading out for the evening with friends, our host pulled out a shoebox full of loosely strewn paraphernalia and bottles of cannabis, placing it, rather haphazardly, upon the coffee table.

Looking down at the tattered and unkempt mess, I knew there had to be something better. The scourge of shoeboxes and makeshift stash boxes hiding under beds and inside sock drawers all across our great nation needed to be addressed.

The very next day I went looking for a better storage product, but the selection was scant. There were hardly any options satisfying the criteria of safety, organization or preservation, so I decided to design and make my own cannabis storage products to suit my needs. At the time, I didn’t have much of a go-to-market strategy. I just hoped people would like what I made–if not, I’d either have to quit, or refine the designs. Thankfully, it was the latter and Cannador grew some legs.

California was undergoing numerous changes to the MMJ laws. I felt uncomfortable walking into some of the dispensaries back then; iron bars covered the windows, security guards stood at entry-ways, bud-tenders had little knowledge, often offering sub-par bud. Raids and seizures happened on a weekly basis and the market was very fragile. It was somewhat of a free-for-all with little government oversight. It became obvious why nearly half the population opposed legalization: these optics were terrible.

I felt the need to use Cannador to rectify these optics and be part of something that could shift negative sentiments surrounding cannabis. I began thinking about all the touchpoints for flower–how it’s consumed, stored and transported–and realized that, for nearly thirty years, plastic bags and clear mason jars were our main methods of containment. No one had innovated in this space.

I began researching and testing a variety of sizes and options, toying with various humidity levels. I learned that relative humidity for properly cured cannabis needs to be between 55 percent and 62 percent. 

This ensures terpenes retain their flavors while mitigating cannabinoid degradation. I also learned that unlike a tobacco humidor, a cannabis humidor needs to be kept at a lower relative humidity and a neutral interior wood such as mahogany must be used instead of cedar. This is because cedar imparts oils that can influence and mar the delicate scents and flavors of cannabis.

Ultimately, our cannabis humidors and storage products came to life. California is Cannador’s biggest market today, much of it coming from the Emerald Triangle, a core of cannabis culture. Some of the world’s greatest outdoor is grown here and the region’s reputation for quality is outstanding. I’m not surprised this is where we see a bulk of our sales; the region’s rich history and knowledge of cannabis farming are rooted in a deep sense of pride. It’s an ethos we admire and support.

We actually wholesale to dispensaries throughout California and mostly along the west coast, and patients and enthusiasts in the region appreciate the quality and attention to detail we put in our humidors and accessories. As more locales decriminalize and even legalize cannabis, the honor and pride in cultivating great cannabis will continue to bloom, certainly something we appreciate, especially when it comes to properly preserving cannabis.

Once legislation makes it accessible for keen cultivators and dispensaries to operate, California’s new adult-use market is set to become a global economic powerhouse. I’m confident the region will fuel even more innovation and new discoveries like Cannador. While many of the current laws are burdensome and costly for participants, I’d love to see the California populace set high standards for cultivation and move toward the proposed appellation designations, similar to the wine sector, while maintaining affordable, safe access for patients. 

Once interstate trade is legalized, rest assured California flower will be just as popular as Napa Valley Cabs and the like. While policymakers iron out the details for responsible production, consumption and regulation, I’m optimistic that California will take charge and lead the way. Cannador will be there to keep things tasteful.

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Zane Witzel

As founder and CEO of Cannador, Zane Witzel manufactures and sells uniquely designed, high-end storage products and accessories in the cannabis lifestyle market. Witzel is passionate about challenging the way we interact with cannabis, and he enjoys working closely with engineers and designers to create new, exciting and sustainably produced products.

Image Source: Zane Witzel

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